We Choose SOAP


Hand-washing with soap is one of the most effective and cost effective way of improving public health in developing countries.

The resource will help you to promote hand-washing with soap in households in low income settings and draws on ideas and best practices from different fields including hygiene and health promotion, behavioural sciences and marketing.

This kit is designed to be used to promote hand-washing with soap:

  • at key times;
  • within a realistic budget and time frame;
  • for an organisation working at village level across multiple villages.


The activities can be carried out over a few days, allowing for easy and predictable budgeting. It can also be replicated village by village to build momentum and achieve scale.

The kit contains a short film that can be shown on laptops by Outreach Workers or can be adapted for mass media (television).

The kit is modular and can be adapted according to your needs.