We Choose SOAP

Household Mini Drama


This is a mini-drama put on by Change Agents to show small groups of neighbouring households a day in the life of 2 hands. It’s important to get audience participation – especially at the most disgusting moments when the dirty hand character is refusing to clean itself with soap.



  • Plain T-shirt with clean hand drawn on it.
  • Plain T-shirt with dirty hand drawn on it.
  • Plain T-shirt with CHOOSE SOAP logo on it.
  • Broom, bucket, cloth & other cleaning items.
  • Simple local food/ snacks laid out on a table.
  • Big bars of soap made from cardboard.
  • Script for Activity



The two Change Agents present themselves to the audience. One is wearing a large white t-shirt with a dirty hand printed on it. The Agent announces his name as: “Dirty Hand!” and growls at the front row.


The other Change Agent is wearing a clean white t-shirt and says “I’m Clean Hand” and smiles. He makes a big show of his clean white t-shirt


They say together: “It’s early morning!” and begin miming a sequence of daily activities that get hands dirty that could include:

  • waking up (exaggerated yawning, fake dressing, splashing water on face, etc)
  • sweeping the yard (use local broom to sweep around the ‘stage’ area, including under the feet of audience members)
  • tending to animals (they make noises to indicate the animal they are feeding)
  • making dung cakes
  • wiping a child’s dirty bottom (perhaps a volunteer from the audience can provide the child)
  • cleaning a toilet (use bucket and cloth to wipe around cut-out of latrine)

Throughout this sequence Dirty Hand keeps on returning to a plate of prepared food that has been set up on a table near the audience.


He fingers the food and then attempts to offer it to the audience.


Every time he does this, Clean Hand encourages the audience to shout out NO! and hold up the large cut-out bars of soap to protect themselves from Dirty Hand’s contaminated food.
At the end of the sequence Clean Hand brings out two bowls of water for them to wash their hands in.


Clean Hand uses water and soap. Then shows his clean hands to the audience who are encouraged to clap and cheer.


Dirty Hand washes his hands with just water. He holds his hands up for inspection: they are still dirty.


He then moves to the food table again.


Clean Hand borrows a cut-out bar of soap from the audience to block his path and guide him back to the bowl of water. Clean Hand offers him a bar of soap to use. He washes his hands properly this time.


He then pulls off the dirty hand t-shirt he has been wearing to reveal a second t-shirt with the CHOOSE SOAP Logo. He throws away the t-shirt with dirty hand print on and together both the Change Agents pass the food around to the audience.


*This activity is designed to follow the story of the animated film and should be used to reinforce the lesson of the film.