We Choose SOAP


This kit contains a range of activities to use in the promotion of hand-washing with soap during community visits by Change Agents.


These activities show the clear choice between living a life with and without using soap to wash your hands - one world invaded and ruined by dirt and contamination - the other kept clean, bright, pure and successful by the use of soap in hand-washing.


They are designed to be used over four contact days by two agents: see the suggested outline plan of activities in the SAMPLE TIMETABLE SECTION.


The objective is to persuade as many people as possible to ‘Choose Soap’.


On this site you will find:


In the other sections of this site, you will find a guide to the performance of all scripted activities.


The designs for all artworks are also provided here; copies of these materials should be made by taking these designs to local printers to produce stickers, labels and tapes consistent with the program identity.


You will need to translate and adapt these materials to local circumstances; however, we suggest that you use the logos, slogans and other artworks without modification, as they are central to the identity of the campaign.



By the end of each community campaign, the program should have left behind visible reminders in public places, as well as commitments by most families, to practice this important public health behaviour. We hope these materials and activities will help you to get whole communities saying ‘yes’ to the idea of choosing soap!


DOs and DO NOTs:


DO: try to stick to the scripts as closely as possible
DO: add lots of local jokes


Do NOT: change the main argument – ‘Choose Soap’
Do NOT: talk about death, diarrhoea and doctors. Research reveals that arguments about health do not motivate people to wash their hands!