We Choose SOAP

Opinion Leader Script


On visiting the village, find out who is the most respected member of the community and a confident reader – e.g.: the head of the village or the head teachers. Ask him or her to video the following message via the webcam on a laptop.


The message should be set up to scroll down for him to read from the laptop screen.


Try to put The CHOOSE SOAP logo somewhere in view of the camera as well.


This completed video is then shown by way of introduction to all the households you visit to demonstrate that they are being asked to follow the most respected person in the village.



  • Laptop with web camera.
  • Big CHOOSE SOAP logo.


You should modify the script to fit the circumstances of the particular village you are visiting, e.g. if local people don’t have toilets.


Good day to you.
My name is ____________________ and I am the head/ chairman/ teacher of
Everyone thinks that personal hygiene is a very important aspect of modern life.

That’s why I am asking all parents in our village to help make sure that our children grow up with the best possible manners.
I want you to make sure that your children use soap to wash their hands after the toilet and before eating. And to make sure that they do it every time, every day.
You will need to help them by making sure that there is always soap and water available. Keep checking they are doing it until they get the habit.
And don’t forget to set them a good example! Children copy what their parents do, so you’ll have to wash your hands with soap too!
Together we can make __________________ a good place to live in, and for children to grow up in.
Help them choose soap for washing hands. When your children have grown into successful members of society they will thank you for this lesson.