We Choose SOAP

Poster Activities


To use simple posters in three phases:

  • Firstly, to raise interest in the campaign (see earlier)
  • Secondly, make it clear when and where they need to use soap
  • Finally, remind people of the social benefits of choosing to wash your hands with soap.


Once people have been introduced to the logo and the idea of the campaign, the Change Agents should put posters up in more specific areas, i.e. the village shops selling soap. They should ask if the shop keeper is willing to display the poster.:


If the village is open defecating, the Change Agents should identify the open defecation grounds and place reminder signs/ logos on the routes to and from the ground.



If the village is latrine-using the Change Agents should ask householders to display the ‘after the toilet’ signs/ logos inside their latrine doors.


If there are public latrines, posters should be put up at the entrance – and people could even be encouraged to add their hand print/ signature to the message.



These posters have pictures of successful adults who are saying that they owe their success to choosing to wash their hands with soap. This choice helped them progress in life because it showed other families, work colleagues and employers the sort of person they were.



These posters should be displayed where a lot of people pass by – on the way to work or religious events. So they should put up at bus stops and temples.