We Choose SOAP

School Activity - Classroom Pledge


A pledging ceremony disguised as a drawing lesson to enlist the children in the ‘Choose Soap’ Club before they start going outside the school to their local neighbourhood to recruit households.


  • Some paper.
  • Coloured crayons



Change Agents must get permission from the Headmaster of the school to take over a class session for this activity, preferably in one class of older children, and one class of younger children (but at least age 10).


The Change Agents then tells a brief story about a boy who doesn’t wash his hands with soap after using the toilet being excluded by members of his class clique on the playground, taunting him for being disgusting and unclean.


The children are asked to divide themselves into groups of friends and give themselves a name.


Then the Change Agents moves into a drawing activity: each student is given a large piece of thick paper and crayon or pen, and is asked to draw lines around their right or left hand in the centre of the paper.


They can then colour their hand in using any design or colour they prefer. Across the bottom of the paper, they are then asked to print out, in their best handwriting, the following pledge:


I, [name], as member of clique [name], do promise to wash my hands with soap at [school or home] every time I leave the toilet.


(NOTE: If school doesn’t have soap and water then pledge to do it in school will be counterproductive. Pledge to do it at home.)


With this done, they are then asked to stand up in front of their desks, and with one hand on their drawn hand, and their other hand high in the air, to repeat their pledge aloud in unison.


There may be a large CHOOSE SOAP poster on the classroom wall and they may be asked to go over to it and add their name and a tick to create a daily reminder of what they must do if they go to the toilet at school.

They are then asked to take their pledge-paper home and tell their parents that in a vote 100% of the children thought their parents should wash their hands with soap. After that, they should hang it in an appropriate place, either at home or school, as a reminder.
The Change Agents then finishes the session by congratulating all participants on becoming members of the ‘Choose Soap Club’, and leads a shout of “Hurrah!’
Treats can be handed around at this point if desired.