We Choose SOAP

School Activity - Door to Door Campaign


To send groups of school children out into their local neighbourhood to persuade adult householders who haven’t already pledged to sign upto the campaign.


  • Tape / logos
  • Clipboard
  • Record sheet with script
  • Pen/pencil


Older school children are sent out in pairs or small groups to different parts of the village as a ‘homework’ assignment outside of school-time.
Each pair or group visits an agreed number of houses.


At each house visited they read out a statement:


Good afternoon, our names are [names].
We are the Choose Soap Check Up Team. We are asking everyone in the village to join the Choose Soap campaign.
Lots of people have already joined. All you have to do is promise to wash your hands with soap after defecation.
Are you willing to put up this logo outside your house to show that you and your family will always choose to use soap?


They then ask the householder to support the campaign by displaying the tape / logo in a prominent place.
The children put the decoration in place across the top of the primary doorway, or some other prominent, visible location that suggests the household has made a pledge.
Once back at school (perhaps the next day), the touring groups record the number of houses visited, acceptances, refusals and those not present on a large piece of paper.

This information can be turned into a wall display in the classroom using the ticks to indicate the number of homes that have signed up to CHOOSE SOAP.


The group that has visited the most houses is rewarded in some way.


This concludes most of the activities: the sequence of school activities has been created so that the children are first of all engaged with the campaign, their knowledge of it is then tested and then finally they asked to go out into the wider community and help spread the CHOOSE SOAP message further afield.


This will also help to embed their commitment to changing behaviour and choosing to wash with soap.