We Choose SOAP


The Choose Soap campaign has 3 elements: the choice, the line and the tick.


The “CHOOSE SOAP” message is about making the contrast as stark as possible between the positive life you can enjoy if you choose to wash your hands with soap – and the life you will not enjoy if you choose not to.


There is a simple dividing line between these two options – and we want to encourage as many people as possible to cross that line and choose to use soap for hand-washing.


The line is also a clear boundary that protects people who are on the right side of it - as they know that they are sharing their classroom/ playground/ home/ community with other people pledged to wash their hands with soap - and exclude those who are not prepared to make a commitment to hand-washing with soap. It is a line that protects.




The decision to use soap is rewarded with a tick – a positive indication that you have made the right choice for you, your family and community, taking your life – and the life of your family – in the right direction – away from dirt and disease.

The generation of ticks throughout the campaign creates the sense that hand-washing with soap is becoming the community norm.



This kit is based on best thinking, but has yet to be tested in the field. As organisations experiment with, and adapt it, progressively more effective interventions can be developed. Please tell us how you use it at choosesoap{#}lshtm.ac{{#}}uk